One night when the tide was full there was an evening so still that I could see the reflection of the stars. Reflection is a magical silent thing–and the double meaning of the word doubles the magic; I reflected, silently on the silent reflection of the stars on the water, and the reflections of dragonflies coming up from the depths to meet the real dragonflies as they skim down on to the surface, which is a skin between the two worlds of air and water.

~ Sara Maitland, from A Book of Silence

Sara Maitland is an author of both fiction and non-fiction (including fairy and folk tales and myths). She made a move out into the moors of Galloway in Scotland where she practices a joyful relationship with silence. Her move was the impetus for A Book of Silence. Sara is a (Roman Catholic) Christian, which informs much of her writing and practice. Her book explores silence through Western and Eastern religious traditions, history, creative non-fictional accounts, while she provides a peaceful look at the practice of silence amist solitude. Visit Sara at her website: http://www.saramaitland.com/about_me.html