My week has been about things resurfacing. Things I knew but forgot. Things I didn’t know that I knew. Things I needed someone to tell me so that then my soul remembered. My soul has clung to those words and this realization. She told me what I needed to hear. She gave me the missing piece. It was in the pocket of her blue gingham apron this whole time, safe. The ribbly ribbon around the pocket let me know it was an important pocket because it was a yellow ribbon. A sacred ribbly ribbon. I now hold this missing piece. I didn’t realize how small it was, but it sure is bright. The white light shines off of this small but significant piece. I like it. The holding of the realization makes me feel like I am home in my skin. At home in my life. At home in my world.

I was waiting for this missing piece and now that I have found it, I know what to do with it. It goes into the pie I have been waiting to make for so long now. It is going to be a magnificent pie. The best, most wholesome pie you have ever eaten.

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