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St. George Island, FL

St. George Island, FL

The word “heartspace” first came to me when I was writing a closing meditation for a wise women’s circle I was co-facilitating. To be clear, this term not my own invention, but rather emotions I have attached to words. I wanted to conclude our night of discussion by turning us inward to reflect on what had been shared. My desire was for the women to sit for one last time holding onto what they wanted to take out into the night with them. Our topic was “change”, and so many good things were shared. But as with any circle, certain words really hit home–and this is where I wanted us to sit–in our heartspace. Since writing those two words and shaping them into one, I have felt that this is where my work resides.

I am learning to sit in my self—to truly sit in my heartspace. I think of “heartspace” as that place deep inside us all. For you, perhaps it is an image of a luxurious couch that is red and squishy, or maybe a balcony overlooking the Mediterranean Sea of your mind, a cathedral, a dry spot on an overturned log in a quiet forest, or perhaps it is just a quiet warm spot in your soul. The heartspace is where you go to be fully present, where your breath anchors you to yourself, where your physical body is linked to your spirit and mind and heart. The heartspace is where you land, where you are grounded, and rooted to your essence. It is your soul–where God speaks to you through the mundane, through words, through conversations, through nature, through breath in silence.

Being grounded is where it begins so you can shift our gaze upward in this delicate wild place—the tundra of your soul. It is the start of simplicity, home, quiet, solitude, peace, a place of rest and worship. By entering your own gates, you will find life and you will find it to be abundant. Your voice is rooted deep in this place, and it behooves you to acknowledge it. By recognizing your interior, where you land, you can acknowledge your intentions. For what you send out echoes back to you through others, through the natural world, through Spirit, and back, back home to your heart and to our life.

The luxurious couch where you rest is that place—it is your heartspace. Your nesting place. Come and sit with me. Rest. Find nourishment, comfort, warmth, and support. For your heartspace is the starting point to usher in the life Spirit has for you.

Welcome home.