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Photo credit: notsogoodphotography / Foter / CC BY

I find that the heartspace is the only place where I am alone with myself. When I sit in this space, all things are stripped away and I no longer care what cute shoes so and so had on yesterday. I no longer feel the weight of comparing myself to where I think I should be at this point in my life. I leave behind what I think others think of me and my life. In short, it is only me who I sit with. This can be a scary proposition—quiet and alone with myself.

It is difficult to land in my heartspace because I am busy with this one wild and crazy life. I can easily find things to do to distract myself from hearing the quiet call my soul makes as I walk through my life. But I need the stillness and the space to check in with myself. What is living in these bones today? What is preoccupying my mind? What I am scared of right now? Who am I besides a wife, mother, and teacher? What brings me joy? When do I feel the most myself? I need these questions to bubble to the surface. I don’t need to answer them necessarily, but I do need to sit with them.

For our souls know. Our souls know what we need to be doing, where we need to be going, and when we need to be on our way. We are just so busy that we don’t sit and listen to the clues all around us—clues our souls are offering to us, the clues God is offering to us. On top of the noise is the fear of what our souls will say. It is a scary thing to sit with yourself in complete silence and to let the light shine in. Through the busyness and noise we can keep the questions at bay—and not just the questions, but the answers, too.

Anne LeClaire writes of her relationship with silence, in her book Listening Below the Noise, “In the coming years, silence—observed both while in community and in solitude—would nourish me. It would serve as a place of restoration and reflection, where I would birth creativity, stretch personal boundaries, and expand awareness. Like others who have traveled a path of stillness I would journey through loneliness to discover unity, through isolation to know connection, through anxiety to find acceptance and surrender. I would experience soul longings and bliss, as well as confusion and fear. Silence was to become a place of deep spiritual work where I would circle out, delve deep, and learn the necessary skill of truly listening—both to others and to myself. It would become my greatest teacher, giving me a center from which to live, testing me, and facilitating healing. It would bring me to myself and make that self stronger… In such stillness, I would hear the voice of wisdom that can come when sacred space is held open.”

This is my wish—that we take the opportunities to practice the art of silence, to sit in our heartspace and to hear what we were meant to hear, to learn to listen to ourselves and to others. My hope is that we tune into the divine frequency, so that we can birth what we are all carrying within us.

Photo credit: notsogoodphotography / Foter / CC BY