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While reading, Answering the Contemplative Call by Carl McColman, I came across a very interesting idea. He uses the word, beholding, to shed light on another aspect of contemplation, which is the purpose of his book. His focus is on one word: Beholding–be holding. “To behold implies a profound engagement with that which you see. It implies paying attention and truly being present. It implies not merely seeing, but holding–in your mind, in your heart, in your soul–that which you see.”

How does this relate to the notion of holding space–of being fantastically present when listening to someone share her story, her day, her life? Something opens in my chest when I read this quotation because I want to be fully present in all of my interactions. I imagine that I would be a more authentic friend, listener, mother–a space holder for those I meet.

Perhaps the act of paying attention and being present is simple. What do you think?