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…myself. I do not wish to hide. I want to be cracked open like a southern pecan. To feel, to live, to be, to transcend, to love, to accept, to teach, to make people laugh, to feel the wind on my breasts. I want to feel alive, and I am not scared to feel my breath in my toes. I have weathered the depths and have proven to myself the strength of my emotional and mental stamina. Now I open myself up to the highs. To feeling the warm sun on my skin, to hear the cool wind’s whisper, to call back to my children’s dreams, to walk through the tundra into the most beautiful open space where I can drink the cleanest air.

Photo credit: Tusken91 / Foter / CC BY

I am no longer hiding: myself.


Photo credit: Tusken91 / Foter / CC BY