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This quotation has been ever present with me through my intentional moments of silence and contemplation lately. I love the simplicity and the beauty that is waiting for us when we calm our minds and sit in silence:

“What you can do…is breathe just a little bit of space in between the clamor and din of your thoughts and feelings and inner soundtrack. Don’t bother trying to shut up your inner voice, but do insist that it slow down a little–or a lot. What is fascinating is how, as you become more familiar with the contours of silence that lie beneath and behind the monkey’s chatter, eventually even the thoughts and feelings themselves become somewhat translucent, allowing the silence to shine through like light through a stained-glass window. A stained-glass window masks us from the luminous brilliance of the sun, but, in doing so, it gives us a pleasure of its own, a feast of color and image that the light brings to life. Moreover, silence and our interior monologue can sometimes have a similar symbiotic effect; the words we generate inside of ourselves can expand into a spacious presence, a kind of luminous kaleidoscope of self-knowledge. Even when our thoughts are troubled or troubling, we can learn to see them against the backdrop of the little silence within us that, through the portal of le point vierge {cultivated emptiness}, opens out into the vast limitless silence of the mystery we call God.”

~ Carl McColman, from Answering the Contemplative Call: Five Steps on the Mystical Path

Visit Carl and all of the wonderful things he is doing at his website here.

Photo credit: Denis Collette...!!! / Foter.com / CC BY-NC-ND

Photo credit: Denis Collette…!!! / Foter.com / CC BY-NC-ND