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Photo credit: Lawrence OP / Foter.com / CC BY-NC

Our wonderful facilitator, Autumn, gave this as our last prompt to close our circle in the Fall of 2012. We have just completed our writing circle for this year, so I am feeling the longing for my women writing buddies, already. Here is another post about how we circle and write, if you are interested. We wrote for minutes:

What do I hope never to forget?

I take with me the honest joy of being surrounded by Genius. By hearing old words in new ways. By knowing I have partners out there in Athens who are living it and get it, too. I live the collective memory of words, images, heartbreak shared here. Each reading aloud heard a little differently but remembered just the same. The boldness we walk in as we signed up for this circle and look forward to the next one. I love how you work with words. I love how you give me images that feed my core–that touch me and will never leave. For what we have created here is part of a tapestry that can’t be unwoven. It will be added to over time. Women who decide to invest in ourselves–that is who we are.

I take with me more of a commitment to writing than I ever thought possible. I love you, words. I love you, pen. I love you, paper. I love you, ideas. I love you, images, tastes, sounds, scents. I love how you transport me–how you make me feel. Make me breathe different air. I love how you crack open my shell and step on my heart, making it beat faster and richer.

I love being a creator. I love sharing my story. I love writing. I am a writer. I write every day, sometimes multiple times a day, and I wouldn’t live without it. I love you. When my soul fills with darkness, its power is sucked dry by my pen as it meets the page. Gone is the darkness and the doubt. Out comes the sun…

What I want to say is, writing is a significant part of my life. It has always been how I breathe, I just didn’t acknowledge it. Now that I have, I can’t let it go, and you were a part of this realization. You women, I will never forget. You and your words and your -ness. I will never forget.

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Photo credit: Lawrence OP / Foter.com / CC BY-NC