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I have spent part of this day sitting on a couch looking out the front window, which is not something I normally do. Normally on a holiday break I am puttering, straightening, cleaning, folding laundry… This break has brought with it a couple of ear infections, which encourage me to slow down. And I am thankful, which is why I am sitting on a part of the couch I never normally sit on and have a view I normally never have.

It is nice to slow down. It is nice to watch my children play soccer in the yard. It is nice to listen to the fire in the fireplace as it warms my back. I would appreciate feeling better, but I can’t complain, really. I am in a warm and comfortable house. I have a doctor to return to if I need to. I have gorilla-cillan, which will hopefully restore my ears to their proper internal size. And I have a chance to pause. I think this last thing is the thing I am most thankful for–the ability to be still.

We all have the ability to be still, but we rarely take the opportunity to be quiet. Even if we are quiet for five minutes, I think we’d notice a marked improvement in our quality of life. It is interesting that the very season when our bodies want to burrow in we feel the need to increase our speed to match the approaching holidays. What if we slowed down to match the season? What if we allowed what was living in our hearts to grow? I think we’d find much more of a Christmas miracle than if the tree was trimmed to perfection or if the shopping was completed to perfection.

I would rather not have a head full of cotton, but for the time being, I appreciate the opportunity to be still. Sometimes we need simple reminders to pause and to let life be what it is.

I raise my cup of tea in your direction… and now I am going to take a nap…