I find that weekends are a very difficult time for me to make time to sit in silence. I used to think it was a heavy decision to make: silence or noise,  puttering or stillness, chores or grace.

The weekends are bustle-y. Children are home, errands need to be run, rough-housing controlled, meals prepared and cleaned up after, homework needs some attention, and just the normal stuff that Saturdays and Sundays bring. I like weekends, and I find that their slowness causes me to ease around making the choice to sit in quiet contemplation.

So, I have been breathing through the weekends. Instead of making the choice a big deal or thinking of my lack of stillness in the negative, I find my breath.

Inhale through my nose and let the breath expand up into my head. I expand my abdomen with life and fill up my chest. On the exhale I express “aahhhhhh” out of my mouth. I receive the gift of life and then I give it back. I receive and then I give it back.

I find my center when I find my breath.

Gone are the days of anxiety over not doing enough to claim silence on the weekends. Here are the days of centering breath in a silent prayer. Because breath is prayer. It is a release of anxiety in the silence of a moment. This is what I claim: individual pockets of silence through the gift of breath.

Photo credit: Stuart`Dootson / Foter.com / CC BY-NC-ND

Photo credit: Stuart`Dootson / Foter.com / CC BY-NC-ND