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In recent years I have opted to usher in the new year by making space instead of a list filled with resolutions–clearing the way for new opportunities instead of a task list that feels heavy.

Photo credit: Moyan_Brenn / Foter.com / CC BY

I have found that by making space for my intentions and clearing out the old, the new can grow and it feels so much more kind. Really, it is a way to care for myself in a deep-soul filled way. Gone are the days when I have to measure up to some arbitrary standard, and here are the days of deep space clearing to open up my heart for what is coming in this time of newness.

Over the past few days, with our lives slowing down with the post-holiday peace, I’ve attempted to put on new eyes when I move about our home. I have noticed that we live around things and they simply take up space and even the air. I have began collecting these dusty items and have placed them into the donation box, which feels amazing.

For example, I have two ceramic plaques that have beautiful flowers on them that decorated my old office. I left that job and that life six months ago, and I have no need of these objects or of those memories. Why keep these tangible items that link me to the past just because I think I can find somewhere useful to put them?

It feels good to make the choice to let go so that what I manifest for the new year has space to grow. It is an easy way to honor myself, my dreams, and to accept what God has in store for me.

Happy New Year!