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… I have a day or a string of them where my emotions cannot rise above “meh”, and what I am learning is that it is okay. I offer space to feel where I am. I offer grace. I do some excavating as to why, because there usually is a hint somewhere, and then I honor it all.

… I struggle with fear that I will fall down into the dark hole, and it will be so hard to get out again. Then I remember that part of the falling is the resisting and then I am okay. I have enough people on my team who will help me if I do descend too far for too long.

… I remember how important it is to let winter be winter: a time to tuck in and to rest. Spring is coming, but it isn’t here yet. I still have some rest to take, words to write, naps to nap, walks to do, conversations to have, prayers to pray, and meals to make. Most importantly, I am letting go of the notion that I must feel something other than what I feel. It’s okay to feel what this is, to feel a shade sad, to sit with it.

… it is okay to sit with the noticing, to honor it, to feed it silence, prayers, and nothing all at once.

After all, it is February and it just snowed… again…