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Photo credit: John&Fish / Foter.com / CC BY-NC-ND

~ feel a bit off

~ want to nap more than usual

~ take more naps than usual

~ notice the grey-ness of your interior space

~ feel sad

~ feel angry

~ miss the sunshine

~ feel a little more heartbroken than you think you “should”

~ desperately want peace

~ seek connection with others

~ read a lot of poetry or psalms

~ look for God under every rock and in every face

February can be a time of struggle for many of us. The winter months have lingered for long enough, but we have not quite gotten to spring. It is this weight-y in between time when our hearts long for more sun, less struggle with winter gear, and more growth. Lest we forget that February is special in its own way, here is a brief list of the things the month does offer:

  • snow, which is beautiful
  • crisp mornings and evenings
  • fantastic sunsets
  • daylight lasts longer than in December or January
  • Abraham Lincoln’s birthday
  • an excuse to remain indoors and to drink tea, watch a movie, or read a book
  • a chance to tuck in and just be
  • lots of opportunities to purchase heart-shaped chocolate

February is nearly over and we are on the steps of spring. How will you celebrate emerging from winter? What will you do to welcome spring into your life, whether it is a something physical, mental, emotional or all three? And, lastly, how will you cultivate a connection with where you are and where you hope to be when Spring shines her radiant face?

Happy dreaming!


Photo credit: John&Fish / Foter.com / CC BY-NC-ND