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Soul Coaching

“Where intention goes, energy flows,” is just one of the many nuggets of wisdom found in Denise Linn’s book, Soul Coaching: 28 Days to Discover Your Authentic Self. Its purpose is to assist the reader in clearing away both inner and outer debris to uncover connection with yourself and the wisdom of what your soul is telling you. Linn is an expert in feng shui, and she incorporates her over three and a half decades of experience into this book.

Soul Coaching is a practical approach and guide to assist you in clearing your physical and emotional spaces while clarifying your connection with your heart. Linn uses the four elements broken into four weeks, which is based on the belief that the elements have a powerful connection with your psyche. Linn’s book rests on the notion that, “when you are authentic, your soul thrives.” She has observed that society is exhausted, busy, and cluttered, which produces exhaustion and disconnection. But if you can clear away the mental debris (Air, week one), you can connect with your emotional self (Water, week two), then you can clear your spiritual shadows (Fire, week three), and strengthen your physical body (Earth, week four).

Linn starts each section with clear goals and processes for the week along with a discussion on the element and how it factors into this process. Each day has a declaration, affirmation, and description of the three options, or levels, you can choose depending on how deep you want to go each day. She allows the reader to set the pace, but she offers support and shines a light on the path starting with physical space, spiraling inward, and then back out to the physical body. She offers a realistic rhythm to her program, so it does not overwhelm or cause unnecessary struggle to complete.

I found Soul Coaching to be a powerful text to guide me in clearing not only my physical space, but also to truly tap into my soul and to listen to what it was saying. This process allowed me to align where I was with where I wanted to be. I developed writing prompts from this book to help me dive deeper with some of chapters. Overall, I enjoyed her guidance to spiral down and to settle into my sense of self. Linn has a clear approach to clearing a path to locate our souls in a busy world.

I will be offering a six-week Wise Women Read Circle on Soul Coaching. We will walk through the book together and offer support to one another as we clear our inner and outer spaces. Our time together will be focused on offering and holding sacred space as we make our journey into our souls. It will be a time of focus and breathing room as we spiral together into what is most important: going to the next level with authentic awareness.

The registration link will open soon, so you can reserve your spot in this upcoming Circle starting April 8th and going through May 13th, 2014.

Pick up your copy of Soul Coaching from our local Avid Bookshop, and I will see you in Circle!

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