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Liamandmyhands2At 9:19 in the morning during a social visit with my dear neighbor-friend, she dialed her son to wish him a happy birthday. It is a ritual for her to call her children on the time of their birth.

She spoke love into the phone. She told him what she loved about him, why, and how she loved him. She spoke such beauty I was nearly in tears. My mom used to have a similar ritual–but it felt entirely different. I didn’t hear the celebration of love in her voice, the pride of motherhood, the joy of another year together. Instead I heard a vast emptiness along with the trials of her labor with me and how difficult I was as an infant and toddler.

What my neighbor-friend didn’t know was that her words healed me. When she spoke love to her son, she carried me with her. Her love landed on my wounds and bound them with gentleness. To witness a mother’s love is a beautiful thing–it contains such powerful medicine.

Another friend of mine has a son and the way she talks about how sensitive he is, and the way she loves him, heals me too. I’ve told her as much. She heals my little girl self who needed this care and this kind of attention. The fact that my friend notices her son and his needs and creates an environment where he feels safe, fills me. It shifts something inside me and helps me feel more whole–less wounded.

My point is this: we are all interconnected. How we are in our relationships directly impacts those around us–rippling out in small, yet significant, ways into our world. We have the power to hurt or to heal. What will you choose? What do you choose with your actions, words, and tone? Are you open to being an agent of positive change, growth, and healing?

I hope so. ❤