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Photo credit: AlicePopkorn / Foter / CC BY-ND

According to the mystics, God is always experienced in the soul and at the same time as totally beyond and mysterious. God is both intimate and ultimate. That is full redemption. You don’t have to wait for redemption later. When you know that you are a living tabernacle and a living Presence of an Eternal One, first of all you gain a tremendous respect for yourself, even though you still see the contrary evidence of your humanness.

Now when you see the contrary evidence in other people, you know the same truth applies. How else could you love not-likable people? You see beyond the shadow and the disguise. You see the essential, core, ontological identity of God in them and them in God.

Non-dual consciousness is about being present to the Presence of God in yourself and beyond yourself too. Presence is an experience, not just an idea in the mind. In fact, the mind of itself cannot be present (take my word for that!). The mind can only reprocess the past, judge the present, and worry about the future. Only some form of meditation will teach you how to move from an egocentric, fear-based life to a love-based life. Instead of splitting and dividing up Reality according to your preferences, you are able to see and enjoy everything that is—and as it is.

Father Richard Rohr
Adapted from Contemplation and Non-Dual Consciousness
(an unpublished talk given in Tucson, Arizona)

Photo credit: AlicePopkorn / Foter / CC BY-ND