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I like perfection. I like it so much that I can forget about people–especially those I live with and love.

I find that perfection functions under the illusion of control: an illusion that I need to be at the center, directing, ordering, organizing all of it. I do not allow the Mystery–the opportunity of being scooped up into capable arms–to carry me to rest and peace.

Is this something that you can relate to? If so, consider thinking about the following questions, or use them as a writing prompt:

keyhole and key

What are you holding onto so tightly today?
What can you surrender?
What are you afraid of?

Peel back the layers a little to see what is underneath your strong grip. It’s okay. It needs the light, and it needs your compassion.

Fortunately, you have access to both.



I have come so they may have life
and have it in abundance.
~ John 10:10