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I have found that a new year can carry with it a lot of pressure. Will this be the year that x, y, and z will happen? Will I finally _____________? Is it possible that ________? Truly, what does any new year contain? It contains hope, potential, dreams, and sleep, meal times, conversations, work, rest, vacations, words, and maybe some attention to the Self. VisionBoard2So, let’s slow down this newness and really appreciate it, hold it, and infuse it with our intentions. The beauty of this new year is that it is wide open. While there are some things that you know will happen (paying bills, preparing meals, possibly cleaning), there is space for your dreams, hopes, and goals to come to fruition as well. As Marth Beck says, “just specifying your goals is a huge step toward achieving them.” Perhaps your dreams and goals are not completely clear from this standpoint, but opening up that space to allow the light to catch them is more than enough to begin the process. And this is why creating a vision board is a wonderful tool to collect your dreams in a visual representation of what is stirring in your heart. Beck goes on to say that finding your way, your passion, your direction (North Star) is a highly psychological and spiritual act. When you sit down and allow yourself time and space to dream along with the joy of creating a visual of those intangible thoughts, you are being brave. You are showing up for yourself and in your life, you are daring to live and to find a way to make what you desire, what fuels you a part of your every day life. You do not need to live from a place of exhaustion, stress, misalignment, brokenness—you are capable of cutting and pasting and crafting beauty that you can place on your wall—a visual reminder of your dreams to carry you through and to focus your prayers, to remind you of who you are, where you want to go, what you want to do, where you want to travel to, what you want to read, where you want to live, what your bookshelf will look like–what infuses you with life. That, my friends, is a gift you can give yourself at the start of this new year. It is so important to honor all of the ways that you already do show up in your life. 20131210_153643One of my most favorite activities is to create a vision board during an afternoon retreat with other women. It is so nice to be able to sit in circle,  to breathe, to respond to a few writing prompts, to center my thoughts, to share and to listen to what others have to say, and then to dive into creation mode. I love sharing this rich time in shared silence and comfortable companionship as we shift magazines, paper, glue, and scissors around the circle. If you are in Athens, Georgia, on Saturday, January 10th, I’ll be offering our first Vision Board Circle of 2015. We will be holding space for renewal and clarity as we cut, paste, and glue our dreams to 2015. You can see other upcoming events by going to the heidi.at.heartspace profile on Facebook.