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evening comes

evening comes

December is a lovely time to retreat from the world. It is difficult to get away for a weekend due to the bustle of the holidays–but it might be my favorite time to slip out of the routine of daily life…

the color and texture of green

the color and texture of green

It requires a tiny miracle to coordinate a weekend retreat. The children, the work, the house, the husband, the schedules…

But somehow it came together, and we felt blessed.

Sometimes I wonder if when I ask for help, those who offer it are blessed too. I’ve noticed how our children respond when we ask them for help. They tend to come outside of themselves and to fill the space of need. It becomes an opportunity to be blessed by our children.

There is nothing so delightful than to have friends and family help us with our children so that I can do something I so desperately need: quiet, time to reflect, and safe spiritual space to be in for a time.

I felt very loved while I was gone, and I felt very held by my community.

I go forth slowly and with awareness...

I go forth slowly and with awareness…

I think I need to ask for help more often. When I ask for help, I feel very vulnerable, but being open in this way allows others to come alongside me and walk with me; minister to me. And I need that, too. I can’t always be the giver, even though that was what I was taught to do.

it looks like grace to me...

it looks like grace to me…

Sometimes the hardest thing is to say: I need {this}.

But consider how your {this} will feed you, make you feel whole, allow you to rest so you can grow.

All are welcome, and all are loved.

All are welcome, and all are loved.

It’s okay to ask for help.

In fact, I encourage you to make one request today. Notice how your body feels.

Breathe into that space.

Allow others to walk into this space with you, and to care for you.

Just imagine how good it feels to walk with others giving and receiving–being a part of a community of love and service.