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I grew up mistakenly believing:

If it isn’t perfect, there must be something wrong (with me).

I do not entertain this notion any longer. First of all, there is sincere beauty in imperfection.

“Imperfections are not inadequacies;
they are reminders
that we’re all in this together.”
~ Brene Brown

Instead of striving for perfection, I try to check in with the hidden expectations that are taking my breath away. Where am I on the spectrum of what is expected? Am I living outside of my borders to reach something unattainable? If so, I try to step back, find my breath, and sit still for a moment or two.

heart plantWhat if it is not about attaining perfection? What if it is about the benefit, the lessons learned through acknowledging my weakness, my struggles, and my inherent inability to reach perfection? I think this is where true authenticity meets life: recognizing the hard parts as the door to being open and raw–to let grace happen.

Consider how many times you’ve noticed an oddity or an imperfection in nature. Isn’t it beautiful? Doesn’t it draw you in instead of repel you? Aren’t you intrigued? It is the intersection of grace that you are observing. Why not extend the same grace to yourself?

If you did not have something to strive for, you would not have anything to aim toward–but the goal must be attainable on some level. The trick is to align your goals with where you are headed–where you want to be. Perhaps you can sit down with pen and paper and jot a response to these writing prompts as you anticipate the next season:

  • What do I need more of in my life?
  • What do I need less of?
  • What energizes me?
  • What zaps my energy?
  • I go beyond my boundaries when I…..
  • Describe where you see yourself in two, five, ten, fifteen years–whatever amount of time you can imagine.

Open up to door to creativity and see what happens. There is no perfection in creativity–you just do it. Consider making a vision board, or doodle, collect some leaves, or rearrange the furniture in a room. What comes up for you? Make some tea, get a snack, light a candle, burn some incense, open a window, and get to it! The point is to get to the place where perfection is not even on the horizon, so you can access your heart and truly listen to what it’s telling you.